How to Setup Samsung Smart TV to Alexa

How to Setup Samsung Smart TV to Alexa?

How to Setup Samsung Smart TV to Alexa – Can Alexa control my Samsung TV? Is this question bothering in your mind? Or you are curious to know about which Samsung TVs work with Alexa. If so, then this post is meant for you. Here we have described the following things related to Samsung Smart TV and Alexa:

  • What is Alexa SmartThings TV commands?
  • How to setup Samsung smart TV to Alexa?
  • Can Alexa control my Samsung TV via voice over command?

So, let’s plunge out in depth!

What is Alexa SmartThings TV commands?

Check out the following Alexa SmartThings TV commands on your Samsung smart TV.


  • Alexa, turn TV on.
  • Alexa, turn TV off.
  • Alexa, stop.
  • Alexa, resume.
  • Alexa, rewind [timeframe].
  • Alexa, fast forward [timeframe].
  • Alexa, play [movie title] on Netflix.
  • Alexa, watch [TV show title] on Hulu.
  • Alexa, tune to [TV show title] on NBC.
  • Alexa, watch from beginning.
  • Alexa, go to [channel name / network name].
  • Alexa, switch to [channel name / network name].
  • Alexa, watch [channel name / network name].
  • Alexa, change to [channel name / network name].
  • Alexa, play [movie title / TV show title].
  • Alexa, search for [kids / drama / historical] programs.
  • Alexa, show me movies with [actor’s name].
  • Alexa, search for [director’s name] movies.


How to Setup Samsung Smart TV to Alexa?

  1. Before how to connect Samsung Smart TV to Alexa, it important to make sure that your Amazon Alexa device and Samsung TV is completely configured and functioning well. Ensure that you’re both the devices are connected to the same home/local wireless network. Somehow, if you haven’t set up the Alexa SmartThings TV commands, then try to install them.
  2. Install Alexa app and SmartThings App on your smartphone or tablet. Try to logged in to both the applications.
  3. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV. Now, run the SmartThings app and try to detect your Samsung TV so to connect TV with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant. Next, tap on the ‘Add Device’ option.
  4. Choose your Samsung TV model from the list, and then tap on the button to enable it.
  5. Make sure that your Echo device is configure on Alexa app. Open Alexa app and go to the device menu.
  6. Enable ‘Alexa SmartThings TV commands’ on your Alexa app.
  7. As the skill is enabled, it syncs your Alexa to Samsung TV.

Can Alexa Control My Samsung TV via Voice Over Command?

If you are fed up of always losing your smart TV remote control, then pick your remote control and throw it in the trash. Just kidding. Now, you can control your Samsung TV via voice command. All you need an Amazon Alexa device. Alexa has been proven a great companion for smart TV.

A single voice command can fire up anything on your TV. From turn on your TV to turn volume down, all control with your voice. Want to know how can Alexa control Samsung TV, then try the aforementioned commands after connecting Alexa to your Samsung Smart TV.

Wrap Up

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